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Rules for site

Post by KageHogosha on Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:46 am


1.No Spamming or Trolling.
2.No Offensive image/videos or links.
3.No Double Posting.
4.Try not to make multiple threads on the same subject.
5.Try and stay on topic with what the thread is about.
6.Keep your post in the right section.
7.Don't make useless threads.
8.Don't encourage people who post or make useless threads.
9.This is a English speaking forum so please try and speak it.
10.No SMS talk I don't mind things like. LOL, WTF, IMO, etc. but I don't want to see things like, r for are, u for you or k for ok etc.
11.Dont bump post.
12.Use Search if you cant find a topic dont make a new one just to find out something.

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