Bleach Chapter 385 Spoiler

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Bleach Chapter 385 Spoiler

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Without hesitation..!

Tousen: "...Foolishness"

Even after witnessing my power you still think to defeat me with a bankai such as that?"

Komamura: ...Tousen...!!"

Embracing a former loved one...such beauty that it's hopeless and fleeting...
bleach 385  Vice It

Aizen extracts his sword.

Hirako: "...You're finally pulling out your sword? You're being very carefree."

Aizen is silent.

Hirako: "...Scared?"

Aizen is silent.

Hirako: "Even if you ignore me it's no use. Although you said you were strong, you should be uneasy.

Didn't you say 100 years ago? I didn't open myself to you, present you with knowledge about myself, let you get to know me.

And that's why you don't know the ability of my sword, Aizen.

If you think your Kyoukasuigetsu is the only one that can control 100% of another's senses, you've made a great mistake.
Collapse 'Counterstroke'"
Myoou's arm is cut off, and so is Komamura's

Koma: "Myoou!!"

It blocks an attack with the back of its fist and Tousen goes flying.
Tousen recovers. "...Humph
If that large body is injured, your own is injured as well.
That's a very inconvenient bankai, Komamura.
It's because of that large body's destructive power...that you don't comprehend not striking down the enemy in one hit, or even a counterattack."
Tousen's left arm, which had been heavily damaged by Myouou's hit, is healed.

Komamura: (...High speed regeneration...!!)

Koma: "You really have cast aside the shinigami in yourself...Tousen"

Tousen: "I can hear you using my present condition as an excuse for your defeat, Komamura.
You said I have degraded. That deceiving my friends and subordinates and obtaining power is degrading.
Isn't it degrading for one who has entered an organization for the purpose of revenge to ingratiate himself into it, forgetting his goals and living in peace?
There is much greater degradation reflected in that than in my blind eyes."
Tousen's mask begins to split where his mouth is.

Koma: "...Tousen...Your purpose in becoming a shinigami was..."

Tousen: "Revenge.
Have you not once questioned it? To enter the same organization that killed
one's friend. Why didn't you have doubts about that?

Komamura: "I believe you're saying that it's for carry out the unfulfilled justice for a deceased friend..."

Tousen's mask beings to crack. "You're correct. It's for justice."

Komamura: "If so, then..."

Tousen: "Then I will have justice!!! Do you really think I'll forgive those who killed my beloved friend!?
That would certainly be virtuous! A beautiful thing! It wouldn't even have a purpose!!
But is virtue justice!? They're different!!
Living a long life in peace while dispelling the regrets of a dead wicked!!"

Komamura: "I understand.
I somehow mistook your feelings.
If these are your true feelings, then our views are incompatible."

Tousen: "If they are incompatible then you'll cut me down? That's also justice? You make me laugh."

Komamura: " That's how justice is. If our viewpoints are incompatible there's no reason for persuasion.
I have to cut you down for the sake of Soul Society.
I don't wish to, but I am satisfied after hearing your true thoughts.
I have already forgiven you."

Tousen: "Already forgive me?
Don't speak like you are God, Komamura!"
When did I ask you to forgive me? If you want to cut me down then be my guest!!
You won't say the same after you witness my resurrection(?)!!!"
Komamura is shocked.
Tousen: "Grillar Grillo" (Chirp Cricket)
With each second the darkness deepens!!


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